lunedì 6 febbraio 2017

R&D Vibes 28 gennaio 2017 - LET IT GROW

Linea di Massa Sound System - Reasoning (theme tune - unreleased) 
The Gladiators - Jah Works 
The Gladiators - Rich man poor man 
Leroy Gibbon - Give Them A Chance 
Trinity & Natty King - Great Stone 
Da Fuchaman - Equal Rights & Justice (prerelease) 
Afrikan Simba - Only Human (prerelease) 
Version - Equal Rights (prerelease) 
Koro Fyah ft. Kabaka Pyramid - Red Green and Gold 
Midnight Riders - Outta Road (prerelease) 
Speng Bond - Dread Outta Road (prerelease) 
Naram - Dub Outta Road (prerelease) 
Maxiroots feat. Longfingah - Big Tings A Gwaan [Maxiroots One Drop Remix] 
DIY Sound - Dub Fashion (Roots Zombie Remix) 
Mungo's HiFi feat. Mr Williamz – Industry (prerelease) 
Mungo's HiFi - Solomon riddim (prerelease) 
Danman - Tribal War 
Danman - Tribal War Dub 
Raging Fyah - Step outta Babylon 
Vibronics - Stepp outta Dub 
2000s CHINA DUB (Conscious Sounds Mix) (prerelease) 
2000s CHINA ROCK 2 (dubplate) 
Michael Exodus meets Weeding Dub - Galactica (prerelease) 
Michael Exodus - Koto Dub (prerelease) 
R-Dug - Kush & Rags - Force Invaders (The Dragonfly Rags Release)

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