lunedì 4 aprile 2016

R&D Vibes 2 aprile 2016 - NO TRIV DUB #1

Linea di Massa LDM Sound System - Reasoning (theme tune - unreleased) 
Jimmy Riley - Everyone Needs Money 
Jimmy Riley - Everyone Needs Money (Version) 
Noah House of Dread - Murder 
Creation Rebel - Love I Can Feel 
Leroy Sibbles - Garden of Life 
Prince Far I - Ask Ask 
Prince Far I - Survival 
Jah Wayne - Zion City 
Dub Syndicate feat. Gregory Isaacs - Weeping Eyes 
Singer Tempa - So Hungry 
Med Dred - So Hungry 4 Dub 
Raphael feat. Triston Palma - Joka Soundbwoy 
Art X - Java (Tribute To Augustus Pablo) 
Art X feat. The Roots Addict - Dready Walk 
Art X feat. The Roots Addict - From Middle East 
I Neurologici & Real Rock Hi Fi - Cycling 
Real Rock Hi Fi feat. Sister Tahnee - Reap What You Sow V 
Anthony B - Faya Boom Fascist Regimes 
Mystical Bamboo - Militant Step pt 1 (unreleased) 
Mystical Bamboo - Militant Step pt 3 (unreleased) 
LoEnd Dub feat. CrudoBilbao Dubbers - Bad trip (Lo-end Dub rework)

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