lunedì 15 settembre 2014

Salento R&D Vibes feat. Kubla & Groove Militia 12 settembre 2014

LDM - Linea di Massa Sound System - Reasoning (theme tune - unreleased)
Manasseh - People Rhythm (instrumental dub mix)
Manasseh ft. Kenny Knots - Unbreakable
Manasseh ft. Bob Skeng - Tek Caution
Julian Fairshare - Ragga bless (prerelease)
Dub Syndicate - Wadada (Means Love)
Wise – Kubla & Groove Militia
Daba - Musical Raid
MO'Kalamity - Conquering Lion
Christine Miller - Inner City Blues
Arnaud Fradin & Franck Bougier - Inner City Spleen
Ras Iyah - A Decision (a Man Will Have to Make)
The Disciples ft. Tony Roots - Chant (rmx - dubplate)
The Disciples – Contender
The Disciples – Contender Dub 2
LDM-Linea di Massa feat. Dubkasm & Junior Dread - Tuesday Step (unrealesed)
LDM-Linea di Massa feat. Dubkasm - Tuesday Step Dub 04 (unrealesed)
Dub Providers ft. Echo Ranks - Wickedness Increase
Panic – Kubla & Groove Militia (prerelease)
Dan-I-Locks ft. Finn The Giant - Rough Reggae Music (dubplate)
Finn The Giant - Rough Reggae Riddim (dubplate)
Vibronics ft. Parvez - Youts To War
Vibronics - Youts Dub 5 (dubplate)
Idren Natural - Touched by the Vibration of Jah (dubplate)
Guerra – Dub All Sense feat. McBaco (No Finger Nails & Insintesi rmx) (dubplate)
Dem Know – Boom Boom Vibration

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