martedì 30 maggio 2017

R&D Vibes 27 maggio 2017 - DON'T CUT MY ROOTS

Linea di Massa LDM Sound System - Reasoning [theme tune - unreleased]
Wailing Souls - Inna Strong City
Wailing Souls - Waiting on You
Wailing Souls - When Will It End
The Viceroys - Dj Clashing
The Viceroys - Clash dub
The Viceroys - Shake
The Viceroys - Shake dub
Dezarie - Ghettos of Babylon
Dezarie - Not Yours
Art X - Melodica Circuit feat. Atili Bandalero - Tomorrow
Tarishi - Jah Children
Tarishi - Jah Children DUB
Gentleman's Dub Club feat. Natty P - One Night Only
Gentleman's Dub Club - In Your Heart
Gentleman's Dub Club - Gridlock
Wicked Dub Division meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra - Mama
R_Esistence in Dub feat. Jules I - Dangerous Addiction (Kilimanzion Remix)
R_Esistence in Dub feat. Jules I - Dub Addiction (Kilimanzion Remix)

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