lunedì 14 dicembre 2015

R&D Vibes 12 dicembre 2015 - Terror A Di Talk

Linea di Massa LDM Sound System - Reasoning (theme tune - unreleased) 
Vivian Jones ‎– Red Eyes (special mix) 
Earl Zero & The Soul Syndicate - Get Happy 
Jah9 – Avocado 
Denroy Morgan - Link Up 
Denroy Morgan - Salvation 
Jusjames - Social Psychology 
Brain Damage feat. Winston Mc Anuff - Lion And Goat 
Kali Blaxx - 100 Pound a Kali 
Junior Cat - See Di Bobo Dread 
Naram - Bobo Dread version 
Danny Dread - Chatty Mouth Defeat 
Naram - Chatty Mouth version 
Dub All Sense feat. Speng Bond - Boom It up 
Dub All Sense feat. Fikir Amlak - Fallen Soldiers 
Weeding DUB feat. Parvez - Love Part 1 (prerelease) 
Weeding DUB feat. Little R - When I Write Part 1 (prerelease) 
Weeding DUB - Love Part 3 (prerelease) 
Mexican Stepper meets Rebel I - Run n Tell (prerelease) 
Murjah Warriors - Skunking Melody (prerelease) 
Mexican Stepper - Dub and Tell [DU3normal RMX] 
Du3normal feat. Babystep - Step it up 
Du3normal feat. Babystep - Dub it up (unrealesed) 
DubDadda – Terror Talk

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