mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014

Soul Shakedown Party 28 ottobre 2014

JungleJah9'New name' (Rorystonelove)
Bit too shySevanaOverstand/Indiggnation digital track
Shadow after darkClaySilly Walks promo
Knowledge is the powerBryan Art'Fresh start' (Junction Files)
HungryExile Di BraveEDB promo
Stylin' Protoje Overstand digital track
Mame bambaGhetto Eden 'Senegalentino' (Salento Sound System)
System be carefulIkaine'Burn Babylon' (Kushites)
Great defenderLucianoKushites promo
No weaponsJah Mali 'We I open' (Reggaeland)
Won't you forgive meMikey General 'Hailelujah song' (Reggaeland)
BoomMungo's Hi-Fi/Solo BantonScotch Bonnet promo
Can't stand itMungo's Hi-Fi/Warrior Queen'Serious time' (Scotch Bonnet)
Weh dem fahLion D/Carl Meeks/Gappy RanksBizzarri promo
Trois Mcs sur la versionMassilia Sound System'Massilia' (MSS)
La responsa es dins lo ventMassilia Sound System'Massilia' (MSS)
Who am IPaolo Baldini/Forelock 'Dubfiles' (Alambic Conspiracy)
Guardie da tutti li pizziPresident Arpi/Puppa Iaio'Daie pure te' (One Love)
Warrior stepZion Train Universal Egg promo
Warrior dubZion TrainUniversal Egg promo
Rechonsider (anything you do)R.esistence In Dub/Tippa Irie'R.echostruction' (RID)
My sound a dangerO.B.F./Mikey General 'Wild' (Dubquake)
South AfricaMikey Mystic'Rise Up:The Riz Records story' (Reggae Archive Records)
Stop this madnessBass Culture Players/Prento'Foundation EP' (Prento)
Live your cultureCedric Myton'Cedric Congo meets Mad Professor' (Ariwa)
Jah defend the music 100%Groundation'Miracle' (Soul Beats)
Borders and gapsWailing Trees'Selon my nature' (Hands Up)
Roots musicMartin Zobel & Soulrise'Keep planting seeds' (Irie Vibrations)
Sweet youMr. Bobcat'Magic wooden box' (Bobcat)
Things in lifeJean McLean'Everlasting' (Sugar Shack)
TonightDubtonic Kru/Chantelle HernandezWhite Stone promo
BraveRaging Fyah'Destiny' (Soul Beats)

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