martedì 27 febbraio 2018

R&D Vibes 27 febbraio 2018 - FIGHT THE FASCIST MIND

Linea di Massa LDM Sound System - Reasoning (unreleased)
Akcept - Vibrations vip (original mix)
Alphadub - Warrior style (original mix)
Tetra Hydro K feat. Neena - Sekhmet
Enigmatik Dub feat. ArtX - Dub Echo 03
PlusStepper - Outro
Roll & Record feat. Likkle Jordee - Tricky Tricky Girl (ArtX remix)
King Kong feat. Eek a Mouse - Wake up the Town (prerelease)
The Disciples feat. Dixie Peach - A Long Way to Go
The Disciples - Long Long Dub
The Disciples - Positive Vibration verse 1
The Disciples - Positive Vibration verse 3 (unreleased)
Vibronics feat. Nãnci Correia - Woman Is Divine (prerelease)
Vibronics feat. Nish Wadada - Each One Teach One (prerelease)
Weeding Dub feat. Nish Wadada - Let's Go!
Weeding Dub - Let's Dub!
Weeding Dub - Another Night Another Day

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