mercoledì 22 luglio 2015

R&D Vibes 11 luglio 2015

Linea di Massa-LDM Sound System - Reasoning (theme tune - unreleased)
The Dubbstyle - Simona
Dub Creator feat. Lyrical Benjie - War (dubplate)
Dub Creator - Dub War (dubplate)
Nello B & Triba - Country Life
Onton - Blaze 4.20 (prerelease)
Dubmatix feat. LMK & Volodia - Are You Ready (Reggae Sun Ska)
Ondubground feat. Cocoa Tea - Young Lover Dubplate (ODG RMX)
Ondubground feat. Judith Mowatt - Black Woman ft. Joseph Cotton and Biga Ranx (ODG RMX)
Conscious Youth - No Borders (unreleased)
Learoy Green - Chatty Chatty Man Extended (unreleased)
Mexican Stepper meets Sista Bethsabée - Better Life
Mexican Stepper - I Wish You Were Here riddim (dubplate)
Pablo Raster feat. Valentina Benaglia - Manipulation
Pablo Raster - Manipulation dub
Easton Clarke - Dig A Hole
I-Plant - Dig Tha Storm

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