lunedì 30 marzo 2015

R&D Vibes 28 marzo 2015

Linea di Massa LDM Sound System - Reasoning (theme tune - unreleased)
Lion Art & Friendly Fire Band - Run Away
Lion D - Blaze Up
Ityopians - Comforter In Zion
Ityopians feat. Papa Massi - Comforter In Dub (live)
Emmanuel Joseph - Road to Zion
The Shanti Ites - Zion dub
Daddy Freddy feat. Michael Rose - Babylon Fallin
Brain Damage feat. Learoy Green - We a di Danger
OBF feat. DanMan - Kaly Weed
OBF feat. Papa Massi - Kaly Weed riddim (live)
Papa Massi - Ocra (live)
Pilah & Joe Pilgrim - Juggler
Pilah & Joe Pilgrim - Juggler Dub
Zion Train feat. DanMan - Rasta Children (DUBPLATE)
Zion Train feat. Papa Massi - Brass Dub (live on DUBPLATE)
Brain Damage feat. Madu Messenger - The armies of darkness
Brain Damage - The armies of darkness version
Papa Massi - Tra il Naif e il Grottesco (live)
OBF feat. Mr Williamz - Poorman Life
OBF feat. Sr Wilson - Soundman Session
OBF feat. Papa Massi - Poorman Riddim (live)
Echo Roots meets ECU - Rootikal (DUBPLATE)
Echo Roots feat. Papa Massi - Rootikal DUB (live on DUBPLATE)
Violinbwoy - Seventh Trumpet
Mexican Stepper - Huizachtepetl
Mystic Red & Keety Roots - Dubthoughts

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